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Friday,October 28,2016



Game Design and Development for Multiple Devices with Adobe Flash Platform

Learn the aspects of building multi-screen and multi-form factor games for various devices ranging from mobiles, tablets to desktop. Also covered will be the aspects of design/development for web based games and standalone games for multiple devices. Understand how Adobe Flash Platform makes it extremely easy for you to build striking games, test and publish them for many devices. Speaker - Hemanth Sharma

Gaelyk: Lightweight Groovy on the Google App Engine

You love Groovy and you're a believer in cloud computing. For a larger project you might choose Grails and hosting on Amazon EC2, but what if you want to take advantage of the nearly massless deployments of a cloud provider like the Google App Engine? You could make Grails work, but it's not always the best fit. Enter Gaelyk. Gaelyk is a lightweight Groovy web application framework built specifically for the Google App Engine. In this session, we'll talk through the simple abstractions it offers, then show how easy it is to code and deploy a useful application to the cloud. Tim Berglund

Internet for the Next Billion

Nokia Series 40 platform is the most widely used mobile platform in the world; especially in emerging markets. Recently launched Series 40 Web apps brings a new and exciting development opportunity to this great platform. Houman Forood is responsible for Series 40 Web app’s developer program at Nokia and he will speak about opportunities for publishers and developers around the world and how they can get involved immediately. If you have content or just simply interested in reaching hundreds of millions of people in your local markets or around the world, please come and join us. We will have device give aways so come on by and see what Nokia is doing for you. Speaker - Houman Forood

Hidden Web Services: Microformats and the Semantic Web

The hard line between web pages (pure presentation) and web services (pure data) is finally beginning to blur. Companies as varied as Best Buy, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, TripIt, O'Reilly, and even People magazine have decorated their web pages with hidden, semantic metadata. The results are impressive: a 30% increase in traffic for Best Buy, a 15% increase in click-through rate reported by Yahoo!, and dramatic Google PageRank improvements. In this talk, we'll explore popular microformats such as hCard (the HTML equivalent of vCard) for contact information, hCalendar (the equivalent of iCalendar) for events, hAtom for syndication, and much more. We'll use Java and Groovy to tease out the hidden data in plain old HTML pages for use in everyday applications. You'll also see how Firefox and Safari plug-ins integrate the browser with your address book and your calendar in unprecedented ways. This is not yet another staid, academic discussion of the future of the semantic web -- this is a pragmatic discussion of how the technology is being used right now to deliver real web services AND web pages at the same time. Speaker - Scott Davis

Building Facebook Applications on Windows Azure

Come to this session to learn how to use the Facebook C# SDK and build Facebook applications with .NET using ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 and how to host them on Windows Azure. Speaker - Vineet Bhatia

Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus: Messaging, Pub/Sub, and Connectivity in and through the Cloud

Service Bus is the messaging and connectivity fabric of Microsoft’s Windows Azure AppFabric cloud-middleware platform. Service Bus provides endpoint-federation for Web services across network boundaries and topologies with NAT and Firewall traversal today and will, in the near future, also provide rich decoupled messaging services with publish/subscribe capabilities. In this presentation, Clemens Vasters, an Architect on the AppFabric product team at Microsoft will provide an overview of Service Bus as it is currently available for commercial use and will provide a detailed outlook on the new Service Bus features that will become available over the course of this year. Speaker - Clemens Vasters

Concocting an MVC, Data Services and Entity Framework solution for Azure

Often, technologies are demonstrated in their own little vacuums. In this session we'll put together a solution that combines Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Data Services, MVC and Entity Framework so that you can see how to create a solution completely hosted in the cloud. Speaker - Julie Lerman

Windows Azure AppFabric: Building, Managing, and Connecting High-Density, Multi-Tenant Cloud Applications

Windows Azure AppFabric is Microsoft’s next-generation middleware application platform in the cloud, providing access control with federated identity, high-density, multi-tenant component-hosting, caching services, on-premise connectivity, rich publish/subscribe messaging, and integration services. In this session, Clemens Vasters, an Architect on the AppFabric product team at Microsoft will provide an overview of the AppFabric services that are already commercially available and the new services that Microsoft will bring to market until the end of this year. Speaker - Clemens Vasters

SharePoint and Windows Azure

SharePoint 2010 provides many ways to integrate with Windows Azure. From simple SQL Azure data-centric applications to complex workflow that leverages custom Azure services, there is great potential to integrate these two growing technologies. This session will provide a code-centric view of the ways in which you can integrate with Azure, covering areas such as web part development, data programmability, service consumption, and Business Connectivity Services integration. If you’re looking to take your SharePoint solutions into the cloud with Azure, then you can’t miss this session. Speaker - Saranya Sriram

"What did I do?" - T-SQL Worst Practices

“Oh My God! What did I do?” Chances are you have heard, or even uttered, this expression. This demo-oriented session will have many examples where developers were dumbfounded by their own mistakes. The goal of this session is to learn which small details can be dangerous to the production environment and SQL Server as a whole. We will talk about common bad habits and how to avoid them. There is good chance you will remember your early days during the session. Learning some of these tricks may save your current job. Speaker - Pinal Dave

WF and WCF with AppFabric - Application Infrastructure for OnPremise Services

.NET Framework 4.0 facilitates creation of Workflow services – with WCF acts as the communications scaffolding and WF4 used to implement service as long running, durable business process with coordinated interactions.. Can Developers then spend more time on business logic and less building infrastructure? This requirement is met by Windows Server AppFabric. This session explains the key features of AppFabric in providing infrastructure to improve the hosting, persistence, performance, scalability, and manageability of Workflow Services. Speaker - Meena K



Software Supportby Advanced Millennium Technologies

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