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Thursday,November 26,2015
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Google's Tablet-Geared Android Software Inches Closer with Honeycomb

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Google Inc. is inching closer to releasing a version of the Android software meant for tablet computers with the release of its new tablet operating system, Honeycomb, which is now available for developers to tinker with. In a post Wednesday on Google's Android Developers blog, Xavier Ducrohet, the Android SDK tech lead, has suggested that a final version of the kit will be available "in the weeks ahead." This final version is expected to enable developers publish Honeycomb applications to Google's Android Market app store. Consumer tablets running Android 3.0 (aka Honeycomb) is still months away.

New developer features in Android 3.0 include:

         + New UI framework for creating great tablet apps
              ++ Activity fragments, for greater control of content and design flexibility
              ++ Redesigned UI widgets
              ++ Expanded Home screen widgets
              ++ Persistent Action Bar
              ++ Richer notifications
              ++ Multiselect, clipboard, and drag-and-drop

         + High-performance 2D and 3D graphics
              ++ New animation framework
              ++ Hardware-accelerated 2D graphics
              ++ Renderscript 3D graphics engine
              ++ Support for multicore processor architectures

         + Rich multimedia and connectivity
              ++ HTTP Live streaming
              ++ Pluggable DRM framework
              ++ Digital media file transfer
              ++ More types of connectivity

         + Enhancements for enterprise

         + Compatibility with existing apps

For more information about the new developer APIs, see the Android 3.0 Platform notes in the SDK Preview documentation, available by download through the Android SDK Manager.

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